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Still alive. Still working lol. Anything new? Well I got the new Nintendo 3DS with the C-stick, a PS Vita, Majora's Mask for 3DS, annnnnd....a new laptop. I did not buy the laptop myself lol. My grandma did. It was random and I didn't expect it, but I ain't complaining. Anyways, I just set it up now and I'm downloading League of Legends at this moment. I also saw Age of Ultron, did not get to midnight show it because work schedule, but I did see it opening weekend. I'd write more, but I'm tired...soooo....maybe next time. :)
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Alrighty then, just so you know...I am STILL alive. Why I haven't been posting anything lately? Well, aside from the usual laziness, I managed to recently get a job. Sooooo...I'm sure those of you with lives can understand. Anyways, my hours are from 4AM to 12:30PM right? So, I've had to fuck my sleeping schedule around so I wake up between 1-2AM and my bed time is somewhere between 5-7PM....only days I have off are the weekends currently. After the next 3 weeks though, I can try and get a more normal schedule, like a 9 to 5 kinda thing. Also, got my first paycheck, and I'm broke XD
Yep. I dropped $80 on the new Dark Souls 2: Scholar of The First Sin for Xbox One, and some Live time. And then dropped $30 on platinum for Warframe. And then along with a few trips to Taco Bell, and a $124.25 bill at Famous Dave's (an expensive barbecue restaurant for those who have questions) because I treated myself and my friends out to eat....yeah. So that happened XD
Do I regret it? NOPE. I enjoyed it. ^_^
So, yeah, I'm not gonna tease you anymore abut me working on writing because I am seriously behind on my own schedule I set for myself that it's not funny anymore. Sooooo....when it's out, it's out. Anyways, have a good one all. I hope you're doing great. :)
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
"Well let me remind you anyways....."

         It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. You and I were fishing for lions off the canopy in our mighty treefort. THEN...the ninjas attacked. We quickly and effortless fought them off, but they planted a bomb in our mighty fort of the tree. With only seconds to spare, we jumped into the jungle below. We fell for what seemed like ages, that we had enough time to play Uno before we hit the ground. After gathering up the Uno cards that were scattered when we made impact, we searched for our new home amidst the ocean. After 40 days and 40 nights of utter boredom, walking, and fucking bitches, we made it to a port town.

         The town of Chimi-Changa. We asked around town, the best way to make money. The townsfolk told us we'd have to fight in the arena if we wanted money quick. We readily agreed, and signed up. As we were being led into the arena, we were told to pick a weapon. I picked up a broadsword.

         You, picked up your dick saying “That'll do donkey." And as you slung your mighty shlong over your shoulder, we marched out into the arena stadium. We were greeted by a cheers and boos from the crowd and roaring PMS dragons from over the Great Wall of Vagina. We fought the dragons and slaughtered them. I cut them with my sword, you bashed them with your dick. We were an unstoppable team. We fought through a 100 rounds of enemies. We fought great beasts like the mighty Dickosaurus. Manticores, Griffins, giant fucking spiders, Minotaurs, deadly ass raping scorpions. Beasts from all over. Even...the mighty narwhal. We destroyed them. You smashed them down with your dick, and I cut they're heads off with my mighty blade, which we learned was the enchanted blade of Mighty Doom. Which was great at causing doom.

         Eventually we made to the last fight, against the champion. The champion was a giant onion with arms and legs, wielding a mace of pure stank. We were tired, our Monotone was getting low. We almost gave a fuck. But you were revitalized. The onion stank empowered you.

         Your dick turned green, and you shouted "It's time...FOR AN OGRELOAD!!!" And you started spinning your dick around, causing a mass twister of mighty green dick. The onion's layers came peeling off. His stank mace was sucked in by the dick winds. As the onion was stripped away, I saw my chance, and made the final strike. Slashed through, I managed to cut the heart in two. As you stopped twirling your dick, and it returned to it's normal color, we picked up the halves of heart and ate them.

         We exclaimed to the crowd "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!" And they cheered. They were fucking entertained alright. We demanded our gold, and got the fuck out of there. We found a master shipbuilder, and commissioned him to build us a mighty ship. He said he'd have it done in a year, we told him he had a week or he was getting dick smashed. He complied.

         After that week, we beheld our ship. And as I wondered "What should we name it?"

         You responded with, “What else? It's our ship.” and bro fisted like no other, and that was how we came about our ship, the S.S. Devlowishus.

That was the last time you were stressed. <B

- Excerpt from the Life and Adventures of Devlin and Alowishus. This came about when Alowishus forgot the last time he had been stressed, and Devlin reminded him.
The Last Time You Were Stressed
Alright so....this is gonna seem pretty fucking weird. Not my usual M.O. on this site, but fuck it. Alright, so my buddy Alowishus (or Al, for short) posted a status on Facebook one day about how he couldn't remember the last time he had been stressed. I took it upon myself to write about the last time he had been stressed. Bits of this came from my knowledge on our own humor, such as the small amount of Shrek puns (he's a big fan of the Shrek is love, Shrek is life thing), our worship of a state of mind called "Monotone", etc. Anyways one of our mutual friends had apparently "shipped us together" at one point. And being the smartass I am, I took shipping as "Getting a boat of some sort" instead how it's normally taken by people on the internet.
For those that don't know, shipping is normally when a fan of a series pairs up characters of said series as a couple, and they're usually a mix of the two characters names and example being Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell from Full Metal Alchemist, that pairing is called "Edwin."
Happens a lot nowadays. Personally I don't care, hence why I would twist it as "I'm getting a boat??" or "They have a boat???" Ya know. Just being me. Anyways, me and my buddy Al had been shipped together, and he joined in on "It's a boat" thing. So are "ship" is named the S.S. Devlowishus (a combo of our two names) and it's a apparently an Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars. I ain't complaining, those look boss and I love Star Wars.
Anyways, this is my imagination on a daily thing when I'm having fun. fun.

Also, for those who would wonder what the <B is. That is called the "Bro Heart" it's like your normal heart made the <3 but is made with a '<' and 'B' cuz the B is for "Bro." It's just our fun way of expressing our content with one another and the fact we have a decent friendship. ^_^
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
I hate getting attached.
It's fucking bullshit.
Every time I just try and try,
and it just makes me want to quit.

Every time I find someone
that I really like,
we'll have this moment of closeness,
and it's like my heart got stuck on a pike.

I try and I try to talk to them.
To keep the feeling alive,
but it's like suddenly there's a wall there,
and I'm trying to get through that just so WE can thrive.

But it's like that wall is more a mountain,
and I'm digging with my bare hands.
I'm even willing to open my heart to them.
Yes, the one that I've covered in iron bands.

Trying like that honestly fucking hurts.
I wish it'd be easy for once.
That way nobody got hurt,
but a wish like that is the wish of a dunce.

I hate getting attached.
At least when it gets like this.
There's very little I want too.
I just mostly want a kiss.

Getting attached like that is my problem.
I think I have a handle on it,
but I guess really don't.
Good news is I can admit.

That's the one thing I hate,
and it's a hate quite unmatched.
The long story short is,
I hate getting attached...
Yeah. Long story short, an old high school crush happened back into my life and we had a bit of a thing. And we're both really willing to try and work this out, but getting the opportunity to talk and get to know each other more has been very difficult. But we were both really into each other back in high school (and still are) and both of our feelings never all the feelings are coming back to me and it's really hitting me hard. Yeah...
Just so you all know....I'm still alive. Not much is different with life so long story short, I'm ok and stuff. I'm still working on my fanfic...writing is still pretty hard. Good news is, I am almost done with chapter 1. Sorry it's taking so long XD
BUT, I am getting better at the creative process. I am getting more ideas and whatnot, I am just having trouble with motivation or I get distracted by the internet...which is funny. I have a story map planned out though, and character ideas, along with story ideas as well. SO it's coming along fairly well, even if slow. Just figured you peeps would care to know and stuff. Have a good one guys. 
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Devlin Black
United States
So....Imma pretty easy guy kinda of an asshole or a nice guy at first if we first meet on the internet instead of in real life....Imma good friend if ya actually get to know me....a HUGE pervert(usually in jokes mostly)...possibly a good boyfriend...I think...idk, I've only ever had 1 girlfriend.... kinda random.....I like to think alot...and I daydream alot, usually about being a super hero or different scenarios in my life that could've happened or never will happen...and space out.....listen to my music (usually when im thinking, daydreaming, or spacing out)....and I think that right now im gonna be a lonely bastard in love for the rest of my life....and I don't care....I got me my friends....and that's good enough for me....but it doesn't mean I won't accept love....I just now aint gonna look for it...It can find me....fat chance that will happen (in my opinion anyways)...ya I forgot to much as I'm a cheerful, happy go lucky, loud, obnoxious asshole who probably seems to be a load of fun....I'm also very pessimistic when it comes to myself....I can't help it...I just am....but like any other guy I'll probably be disgusting and fart and burp in public (if it helps I tend to curb myself around pretty girls) or make some obscene comment about my bowels and what I do in the bathroom. Also YES I fucking masturbate...I don't care....not like it matters really cuz whether I have or don't have a girlfriend I don't expect them to "put out" I got a hand and I watch with it, I also curse like a fucking sailor....I'll use every bad, obscene, dirty, and racist word out there cuz half the time I won't give a shit (unless I'm being nice, around a friends parents, a person I'm working for, my own grandmother, or talking to a new friend cuz I don't wanna scare em off...yet) and I'll even do it in public around little kids...cuz they ain't my kids yo...or any kid related to my friends also...but ya...I fucking talk alot of obscene with it but be grateful I'm willing to curb it sometimes. Let's see....I like video games, I own an Xbox 360 but I do like PS3 as well so you can't really tell me to pick cuz I just went with what was available at the time for me....I play action/adventure games, RPGs, fighting games, the only shooters I ever really play are Halo or Gears of Wars, cuz I hate Call of Duty and most other shooters...I suck at em....I like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, the Devil May Cry series, the Kingdom Hearts series, Prototype 1 and 2,the .Hack// series and .Hack G.U. series, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Naruto games, Dragonball Z games, Darksiders, Legend of Zelda series, the Metroid series, Super hero games (though the ones based off movies usually suck), speaking of super heroes Batman: Arkham City is another I that's it for now on games...not exactly a fan of MMOs(few exceptions). I'm a big anime, manga, and comic book super hero nerd. I like Bleach, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam, Inuyasha, Dragonball (Z) and (GT) as well, if it interests me I'll watch it or read it (depending on what version I prefer manga or anime version). I'm a big Star Wars fan, not a trekky though. I'm also a HUUUUGE Batman fan as one of my exclamatory remarks is "I'm Batman!!!" along with "My parents are deeaaadd!!!!". Also I'm a fan of Green Lantern, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Venom, Hulk, and a few others I can't remember atm. I don't exactly have parents, so there is some truth to the "My parents are dead" thing. I was raised by my grandparents since I was 3, I have no clue who my mom is other than name and stuff my grandma tells me and I hate my father, he's a total douche who wants to beat up his own son for stupid reasons and deserves to die and it's my lifes goal to surpass and be better than him....I feel like I inherited a lot sin from him and I wanna get rid of being a better person and father than he is and ever will be. But that shit don't affect me negatively(much...I have my moments), I'll let you be the judge of that, but just sayin I turned out pretty well for a kid with no parents. I have a few siblings but the one you will hear me mention the most is my little sister Sage who is 15 and I love her to death and refer to her as my baby sister even though there's younger but I knew of her since she was born and it'll be almost 2 years since we really started to getting along, and I love her very much and she is very important to me and I worry about her alot cuz she is depressed most of the time and I worry about her cutting but I'll do whatever I can for her cuz I'm her big brother. Speaking of cutting...I have scars...some from my own problems but a majority of em are from this deal I make with any friends(or sister too) who cut or have a history of cutting...the deal is...if you cut then I cut, and I will make just as many if not more...I don't like my friends being hurt...and if I have to be hurt to show them there's no need to bleed out their problems and there's always something else...or even someone else that can make them happy or get rid of that anger or depression they have then I'm willing to make as many marks on me as needed. Also when it comes to girls I can fall pretty hard...granted I will pick myself up well enough on my own....but let's just say when it comes to girls and me falling then I got enough scrapes and bruises on that heart of mine and I'm sure I might keep gettin em...but I wouldn't mind if one of those girls I just happens to fall for helps me up ya know....just sayin. I don't smoke cigarettes but I do smoke hookah (google it if ya don't know it) or drink unless I'm up to party or very depressed (or single but that's usually related to the depression anyways) and NO DRUGS and I'm more or less a fun guy all around...I do keep shit bottled up inside but only cuz I'm very selective on who I want to hear my problems. It's not even a matter of trust...I'm just that picky and it even depends on what kinda problem ya...
But I'm willing to help others and the least I can do for someone is be a listener and a shoulder to cry on and give a nice big what say you?? Wanna be friends? or maybe even more? :)

Also this is the most I've ever written in a while...and GODDAMN!!!! :O

Current Residence: Bakersfield, California

deviantWEAR sizing preference: idunno

Print preference: dunno

Music tastes: Atreyu, Hell or Highwater, Avenged Sevenfold, Rise Against, A Day to Remember, Blink 182, Sum 41, The Used, Anberlin, Queen, Good Charlotte, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Papa Roach, Panic! at The Disco, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Simple Plan, Nickelback, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Pain, Lostprophets, Staind, Lifehouse, Blind Guardian, All Time Low, As I Lay Dying, Hoobastank, Senses Fail, Killswitch Engage, Chevelle, Red, Matchbox 20, Parkway Drive, In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, AFI, The Killers, The Ataris, Korpiklaani,Third Eye Blind, Eve 6, Four Year Strong, Skillet, Hinder, Get Scared, Five Finger Death Punch, Asking Alexandria, Paramore, Dragonforce, System of a Down, Thousand Foot Krutch, New Found Glory, Japanese music...usually rock or pop ones that I heard off an anime opening or something, I also really like love songs....dunno why :)

Favourite photographer: my friends :)

Favourite style of art: dunno

Operating System: Windows?

MP3 player of choice: IPod Bitches!!! :D

Shell of choice: Shell? Like a zebratoise or some shit?

Wallpaper of choice: Whatever i like most atm

Skin of choice: own skin seems fine thanks :D

Favourite cartoon character: Gir

Personal Quote: "Words only have as much power as you let them hold."
Still alive. Still working lol. Anything new? Well I got the new Nintendo 3DS with the C-stick, a PS Vita, Majora's Mask for 3DS, annnnnd....a new laptop. I did not buy the laptop myself lol. My grandma did. It was random and I didn't expect it, but I ain't complaining. Anyways, I just set it up now and I'm downloading League of Legends at this moment. I also saw Age of Ultron, did not get to midnight show it because work schedule, but I did see it opening weekend. I'd write more, but I'm tired...soooo....maybe next time. :)
  • Mood: Content
  • Reading: The text on every screen my eyes are upon.
  • Watching: TV
  • Eating: I am hungry
  • Drinking: I am thristy

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